View Eight:

View Eight is a company that specializes in web design, graphic design, animation and photography located in Columbus, OH. Our focus is on providing design services to the Central Ohio region and beyond. We feel that face-to-face consultation is the most effective and efficient way to complete a design project, but we welcome clients nationwide.

The Team:

View Eight was founded by Levi Kill, a freelance creative professional based in Columbus, OH. I have used the "corporate 'we'" throughout this web site, but the vast majority of projects awarded to View Eight are created and completed by myself. I have used "we" for two reasons: First, there are a few tasks that can be completed more efficiently by my associates. And secondly, as my client base grows I plan on becoming the creative mind that oversees projects constructed by a team of designers who share my vision and style.

Levi Kill:

I have been in the graphic design field since 2000, when I purchased my first digital camera and built my first web site. That same year I founded 2010 Designs and took on my first web design and photography clients. In 2003, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University with a major in Marketing. I then spent more than three years working full-time as a graphic designer for a sign company based in Columbus, OH, while at the same time running 2010 Designs on the side. In October, 2007 I decided the time was right to become a full-time self-employed creative professional, and the result of that move is the company you see today.


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