The View Eight Web Site:

The View Eight web site is an untraditional mix of Flash, PHP, and HTML. Traditionally, Flash has been used either to create an entire web site, or used as widgets to embed movies or other items within the main content area of a web site. Creating a web site entirely in Flash looks stunning and allows the user to experiance amazing transition effects, but it also has its drawbacks (the user cannot bookmark a specific page, and search engine algorythms are based on reading text, to name the two biggest).

Thinking Outside of the (content) Box:

We set out to use Flash in a way that would give this site the feel of a living interactive environment, while at the same time taking advantage of the perks of traditional, text heavy, HTML design. The solution was an easy one, The Flash part of the web site was simply moved outside of the main content area. The sides of the buildings to the left and right of this text area have been created as seperate Flash movies. This allows us to have to unlimited possibilities of animation, interactivity and randomization that is provided by Flash, but without sacrificing the bennifits of good old-fashioned text.

Cascading Style Sheets:

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the current best practice for seperating a web site's content from its appearance. CSS has been used here to align the Flash movies that were used to create the building sides with the bitmap images that make up the fronts of the buildings. CSS has also been used to detect the browser being used and make the website render properly. Unfortunatly, not all web browsers render web sites in the same way, and as designers, we have to use a few tricks to overcome this. For example, if you are viewing this site using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the entire page scrolls as one piece. If, however, you are viewing the site in any other browser, the buildings are fixed to the page, and the text appears to scroll behind some elements of the design.

The Inspiration:

The buildings theme is an extension of the View Eight logo. The logo uses a simplified image of the building in which our offices are located as the letter "i" in both words (my thanks to the talented Queenie Chow for creating the first draft of this version of the logo). This led to the idea of using buildings on either side of the main content area as a playfull way to present the information that will hopefully be both memorable and enjoyable to you.


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