Flash Animation:

In recent years, Adobe® has completely revolutionized the web with their Flash® animation software. Flash is a program that allows a creative professional to design, animate, and publish anything they can image into a format that can be embedded into a regular HTML web page. More than 98% of computers on the web are able to view Flash movies, making The Flash Viewer the most wide-spread plug-in available today.

The Flash Widget:

If you are looking to give your web site a little extra eye-candy that will keep visitors coming back, Flash Widgets are the way to go. Flash widgets are build using Adobe Flash and then embedded into your web site. Each widget is custom made and can contain animations that will help sell your products, videos that will allow you to keep your visitors up to date about your organization, and randomization algorithms that will allow your site to feel like it has a mind of its own.

There is not a dedicated gallery for our Flash work, because one of our goals is to use Flash in a way that delivers a seamless experience to the user. The building sides on the left and right of the main content area were created using Flash. This allows the living feel of the residents by animating and randomizing their actions. This also helped make the main menu fit nicely into the scene by creating it with the look of a billboard advertisement.

Unlimited Possibilities:

The Flash Widget plug-ins for web sites are not the only thing that Flash can help you achieve. With this powerful tool, we can create slide-show or photo presentations, make interactive tours using maps and photographs, create elaborate interactive brochures, and much, much more.

One of the perks to using Flash to create these items, is that they can be published into a format that does not depend on the web to operate. Flash files can be compiled in a self-extracting format that can be distributed on a CD or DVD and played from any computer.

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