"Photography is just a way of cropping the world to show others what you see."

For our founder, Levi Kill, photography has gone beyond the status of being a hobby, and has become more of a habit. The Photo Gallery on the next page showcases what he considers his best work.

Having a photographer on staff allows View Eight to offer product and event photography services to our clients. More importantly, it gives us the ability to fill your site with custom images. Your site will look unique because it will be unique. You will never see one of your main images rehashed on another site because we do not use the stock photography pools that many web designers find their images in.

Image Retouching:

The Photography Department at View Eight has also become practiced in the art of image retouching, or photo manipulation. Let us put these skills to work for you to repair old portraits, drop your loved ones into fairy tale scenes, or just do some light editing to your portrait to help you look your best.

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