Web Design:

Whether you are looking for an update to your existing web site, or are interested in creating a new web presence, we can help you.

Web Design is the process of conceptualizing, planning, and creating electronic media for distribution via the Internet in a format that is suitable for interpretation by a web browser on the user's end that will display the content as graphical user interface.

Wow. Okay, so what does that mean? It means that we are really good at taking your ideas in any form (from printed materials, to concepts floating around in your head) and transforming them into web pages that will be available to the masses.

Web Development:

Didn't you just go on for a few paragraphs about this above? Not exactly. Web Development is the behind the scenes code that makes a web site functional. Web sites will not work without some degree of web development and web design. At View Eight we have the expertise to combine these two aspects of web site creation to give you the functionality you need combined with a design that will make visitors want to show your site to their friends.

Our Standards:

It is important to point out that each of the new web sites that we create for our clients is just that... new. Web page templates are NOT something that we include in our design process. This allows us to meet all of your needs with a unique web presence that you can be proud to have your company name associated with.


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