Do you remember the old days, when the best way for new customers to find you was by looking you up in a telephone directory? SEO is kind of like that. Except, the phone books got a lot smarter and became search engines. These days, people don’t just look up “graphic design” and start dialing numbers until they find a good match. They search phrases like, “hip graphic designers creating stylish logos for small businesses in Columbus OH” then browse websites for a company they like before making a phone call (or even completing the entire transaction online). Each word in their search is called a “keyword” and SEO is the art and science of pushing your website to the top of search engine results when people are searching on the keywords that apply to your organization.

-= Bonus points if you spotted how we added some of our own keywords into that description above! =-




SEO is important. The more the web grows, the more competitive it becomes. Google only displays ten organic search results on their first page. TEN! That means that if someone is searching for your organization and you’re not making it into the top ten, then generally you’re not being seen by your audience. Not using SEO is like setting up a home office only to rely on walk-in customers. Marketing in all its forms is important, and SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more traffic onto your website.


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